How to Attract Women Online

Over 8 million women are now using online dating to seek out new relationships, and statistics show that 200,000 women log onto a dating site daily. Online dating websites have become an excellent way to meet new people of the opposite sex if you are prepared to attract the right women to your personal page. When it comes to meeting new people at a social gathering, there are specific rules you should follow if you wish to attract women, and online dating has created some rules of its own. Learning how to attract women online can be a simple and easy task, as long as the advice you choose to follow is effective. There are a few basic, yet powerful methods you can use that will attract the right females to your personal page.

Similar to real-life events, first impressions are the most important, so it is essential that you post a magnificent profile photo. An appealing photo will highlight your best features and show off your smile. Avoid photos that may give the wrong impression such as one of you snoozing on the couch or close-ups you have taken yourself with an odd look on your face. One of the most common mistakes is to use a photo you have taken yourself with a camera phone in the mirror as these are usually not attractive. Popular websites offer photo tips on how to attract women online using just your main page photograph that will assist you in making an informed decision. A photo showing off a hobby such as a sport or fishing are best for additional photos, but make sure that the main photo is pure and flattering.

Since women are prone to read an entire profile, well-written pages are an equally beneficial tool for attracting the opposite sex. Most dating websites offer the opportunity to talk about your life through an ‘about me’ section and even provide advice on how to attract women online using specific keywords such as romantic and loving. Be as honest as possible while still appearing exciting, and fill out each section as completely as possible.

When making the initial contacts with a potential date, avoid generic statements. Read through her entire profile before messaging and ask specific questions showing that you are taking a genuine interest. Mention yourself only if you are referring to something that you have in common and ask open-ended questions to keep the conversation going. Women are drawn to honesty and originality so be thoughtful when engaging in an online conversation.

When seeking advice on how to attract women online, keep in mind that it is quality not quantity if you wish to find the right females. Well written profiles, great photos and honesty will assure that you attract the right type of women, potentially resulting in an engaging and quality date.